Monday, October 1, 2007

Back from the dead and Bigger than ever

Due to time constraints, I had stopped blogging for a while, and really should be doing more constructive things that writing this post. However during my procrastinations I have been viting and posting on some other blogs. "Not PC" has noticed me and wants to know what people think about where I should be on his side bar. As did Trevor Loudon in noticing my question that actualy relates to Not PC's ideas on Altruism and Objectivism.

This notice has inspired me to restart posting.

As to where I should go on PC's side bar? Well I have Identitiy issues myself, on a very libertarian day I would find my self on the libertarian end of Team Blue, aligned with Trevor Louden who is a non objectivist, Libertarian who believes in working with non libertarians to move in a more liberal direction. On a highly conservative day, I would find my self more aligned with more conservative former members of the ACT Party, Stephen Franks and Muriel Newman.

The reason for my uncertainty is that from a utilitarian perspective It is dificult to know whats best without trying all the options. From a more philisophical perspective, I have a theory that philosophy gets you no where. (Not that I nessicarily consider my self utilitarian)

Dispite my last statement I will be no doubt commenting on philisophical issues and maybe even elaborating on that comment.

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