Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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Thank you to evoexplorer who was the first commenter on this blog!
I hope this great role model will set an example to more of you! We need someargument/discussion on the issures I have raised!


A certain leftist wrote a piece about how libertarianism is flawed. I largely disagree with such sentiments as would Libertarians such as Trevor Loudon, and the Libertarianz party.
I do however see some issues with libertarianism. None of these issues completely rule out libertarinsim as being a good idea, but highlight aspects of libertariansm that I feel are ignored or areas in which there is not one policy that is more libertarian that another. Some of issues are not realy excusive to libertarianism, but are not solved by "applying libertarian principles".

I will do a series on these issues.
First up will be "Animals and abortion"

Considering a large number of Libertarains (but not all of course) are athiest. Where do the get the idea that any one species is greater than another. Sure it may be "more liberal" to let people do what they like to animals, but what about the freedom and rights of animals, therefore it would be possible in a libertarian country to ban animal testing, 1080 poison, traps that are painful to animals, as well as the running of the bulls(if the country becoming libertarain were spain). Would it even be unlibertarian to ban meat and make vegertarianism compulsary?

Abortion also is another one, it seems liberal to be pro-abortion. I disagree entirely I think that it is much more libertarian to protect the rights of the child. Hence in a libertarian country we could have abortion banned.
To side track a little, due to this point I don't feel that abortion is a womans right, I dont however think that it is an extreme travisty and equivelent to murder. I dont think embreonic stem cell research should be banned, potential medical applications are just too important to be too philisophical.

moving a little from libertarianism: I feel that it should be a crime for a mother to cause foetal alcohol syndrome or foetal alcohol effects to a child or consume any drugs or alcohol while pregnant.
This is due not to the rights of the foetus but the rights of the child once it is born, it has a right to be born in good health if it is born.
making such harm caused to foetuses criminal would make abortions much more common, while I don't have an extreme issue with abortion, I wouldnt like to cause a large scale increace. Making abortion illegal too would make illegal abortions common.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have a new blog but very few hits, it is highly disapointing. I know my grammer and spelling can be a bit bad when I am in a hurry, however I would like people to read and comment on my blog.

Socialists please explain why I am wrong in my previous posts. How can you justify such spending prioities?????

(Maybe to get more comment on my blog I should call Trevor Loudon a "neo-nazi goon" that could stir up a can of worms, or maybe Im just too insignificant for that)