Friday, August 31, 2007


My masscarade has not lasted long. I have to confess that I am not a communist. I dislike communism and socialism. Commnunists and socialist always pretend to be so caring and kind, but as a general rule cause incredible harm.

If we forget Communist for the moment and look at garden variety lefties, we see that Clark, Cullen, Labour party sichophants and brain dead members of the public claim that tax cuts would be a travisty because we would have to cut "social services". What a load of Rot that is!

NZ and many govts around the world take well about 40% of GDP in taxes. What do we get in return? Children with cancer dont get the pain relief they need, many people are thrown off waiting lists for operations, Christchurch has to have a "charity hospital", Emergency departments are underescourced, Ambulance call outs are not free and the Coast guard are not government funded!

Do we need to keep taxes high? No we can for a start, cut funding for IVF treatment, Cut tertiary education funding, (why should I pay for someone to get Cs in "Marketing" or "Gender studies", even someone with Cs in a worthwhile subject probably doesnt deserve as much funding as is given) and cut meaningless promotion ACC and other government organisations.

So lets recap: under a socialist (Labour) goverment:

Ill and or dying people dont get treatment they need.

Many health and emergency services are not government funded

Government can:
afford to pay people who cant have kids to have IVF treatment even though the govt cant look after the kids that are alive already.

afford to pay for people to get pointless degrees like marketing
(the only possible use of marketing is making money, if these people will make money, why need to fund it) and other degrees that will pay off in terms of earning power(or enjoyment) anyway for the participant or are not worthwhile.

Can fund TV advertisments that achieve nothing whatsoever.


sunray said...

Govt funds advertising very heavily as a way of buying favourable media coverage (watch TV3 and note how much advertising is by govt. agancies & SOEs – I would say it results in well over 50% of TV3 revenue). Why would TV3 alienate their best customer by too much criticism? It’s a way of buying support using your tax dollars.

EXOCET said...

Yes, such crony capitalism is a hallmark of most Socialist systems of Goverment.

If you can, try to get a copy of 'The Vampire Economy' by Guenter Reimann (I found a free PDF for download somewhere). It outlines excatly how the Nazis bent and shaped the German Economy to their own ends.

Excallent blog BTW, I'll be back!